Drones Today

When we think about drone technology, we immediately envision kids flying them for fun, or how Amazon employs them to make sure you get your peanut butter, pogo stick, or shampoo in 2 hours or less! But as drone technology becomes more commonplace in our society, we are able to consider expanding their applications.

Orlando, FL

We all have seen those fancy, new drones as we strolled the aisles of Target or snooped through our friends’ social media stories. We’re able to install our mobile devices into drones or purchase them equipped with high-quality cameras and get amazing aerial shots and videos, once only possible to acquire by use of a helicopter or planes (you know, because we can easily pick one of those up at our local Big Box store).

Miami, FL

Drone technology enables the ordinary person to achieve something extraordinary. For us, it is ideal for truly capturing the thorough architecture, meticulous design, and thoughtful finishes of the exterior of homes and commercial properties. When our clients are serious about showcasing their properties, we are serious about showcasing their best. We are able to leverage this technology to achieve detailed visuals of the best of our clients’ assets.

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