Top Locations For Landscape Photography In Florida

Everyone loves taking photographs, and we are always on the look-out for the right photography spots. With her ever-changing weather conditions and beautiful landscapes, you'd find that the state of Florida is the real deal when it comes to outdoor photography!

If you live in Florida or are on vacation there, there are plenty of places where you can take landscape visuals. The city possesses numerous enticing landscapes & plentiful wildlife, making it one of the most beautiful destinations in the U.S for endless landscape photography.

Excited, yeah? Let's talk about some of the best photography spots and locations when it comes to outdoor photography in Florida.

The Florida Keys

There's no way you'd think of landscape photography, that this fantastic location wouldn't pop up. It is a string of tropical islands off the southern tip of Florida, offering miles of turquoise-water-lined shores. You can choose from varying elements including mangroves and palms to docks, beaches, bridges and rock piers as foreground. Are you dying to shoot pictures of an incredible display of blues in the sea altogether with the luminous sky? The Florida Keys is the way to go. Besides, the location is not just famous for its weather and water - there are opportunities to shoot good street photographs too.

Everglades National Park

This 3rd largest national Park in Florida, is located at the southern end of Florida. So, if natural elements like mangroves, wetlands, thick forests, etc. are your thing, Everglades is one of the best photography spots to be, when it comes to landscape photography. It has a vast amount of distinctive biodiversity in its plant life and wildlife, with an endless supply of alluring objects and creatures. If you desire to stand out from the cliche, take advantage of the wet prairies, the Pine Rocklands, the dwarf cypress, the more gigantic cypress of the domes and strands, the mangroves and the salt marshes near the coast.

Sebastian InIet

Looking for the perfect outdoor location wherein you could take some action photography? You should pay a visit to Sebastian Inlet. Sebastian is one of the few surf spots along Florida's beaches. Here, surfers can achieve high performance “big wave” status that is sure to make your photos droop unbelievably. With waves maxing out as high as 15-feet, you'd find that this Inlet -about 15 miles south of Melbourne Beach - is one of the best photography spots for capturing energic tides and surfers.

Ocala National Forest

Want to capture the entirety of nature at her peak? The Ocala National Forest is your landscape visual plug! The national forest is home to one of the lushest forests that the State of Florida has to offer. This area is perfect for its blue springs and peaceful lakes, a massive opportunity for photographers to experiment with their skills. It's popularly regarded as the "world's largest sand pine scrub forest.". It is packed with sandy scrubs, thick palmettos and towering oak hammocks that provide a natural habitat for black bears, turtles, and alligators.

The Pier in Naples

Known for its world-class golden sunsets, there is nowhere better in Florida, to view, photograph and experience these impressive feats of nature alongside an inviting pier, much like Naples. At this perfect photography spot, you can capture an array of glittering golds, yellows, and pinks scattered throughout the sky as the day closes and comes to an end. The icing on this cake is that the pier also serves as a beautiful backdrop, providing interesting perspectives and angles, from which to test your creativity at any time of day.

Destin’s Emerald Coast

Destin has grown exponentially in popularity from a once-sleepy village to an amazing metropolitan - still with a small-town vibe. The area boasts of the coming together of three unique bodies of water (Gulf of Mexico, Destin Harbor, and Choctawhatchee Bay). With the conglomeration, comes plenty of beaches, boats, seagulls, dolphins, and herons along the bleach white sand and crystal clear light blue waters. This makes the location an awesome one that your lenses would find irresistible for taking landscape visuals.

That's it. The best photography spots in Florida for landscape visuals. We can guarantee that you'd have an exciting time at these Florida locations. Do have a beautiful and exciting time.

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